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Reiki, pronounced “Ray” “Kee”, roughly translates to meaning Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki is the energy that flows throughout the universe, in and around everything. The practice of using this universal energy was rediscovered by a Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan.

Practitioners of Reiki channel the universal life energy through themselves and out to the client via their hands. Using hands-off or hands-on techniques the energy is drawn in to the client through the Reiki practitioner.

Sometimes a Reiki Master/Practitioner will use a series of predefined hand positions, other times they may use what the client has told them and their intuition to feel where the energy is needed the most and where to place their hands, but either way, Reiki will always flow to where it is needed the most.

Reiki Master & Teacher Certificate 2015

Find out more about my qualifications/certifications and Reiki lineage.

Michael D. Milson, C.Ht, CAHA, RM

Michael D. Milson, C.Ht, CAHA, RM

Since my mid to late teens I have always had an interest in the mysterious and wonderful ideas of being able to heal using nothing but words, thought or energy. It was incredibly fascinating to me.

Over the years I have done many things but it wasn’t until 2014 that I found my true calling and began to pursue my passions and interests in both Hypnosis and Reiki energy healing.

In 2015 I studied Usui Ryoho Reiki under Lisa Powers and became certified as a Reiki Master & Teacher and I’ve continued studying anything and everything I can on the subject of Reiki and other forms of healing.

I have trained under multiple different Reiki masters along the way, each of them having their own unique insights and ideas, which allowed me to explore and adapt my own. (See my Reiki lineage here)

Zen Monkey Reiki, LLC

I started Zen Monkey Reiki, LLC in 2022 as a way to use my gifts in energy healing to help others.

It’s early days for ZMR and this website will grow over time, I’m talented in the art of energy healing, not so much in writing descriptions for about pages, this will be updated in due course.

Zen Monkey Reiki - Sunset Buddha
Reiki is the greatest secret in the science of energetics.
Madam Hawayo Takata