Reiki Teacher & Training

I find that a lot of people out thee are searching for for Reiki teachers near me, Reiki classes near me, and Reiki certification near me, and as such I thought it would be helpful to mention that I am planning on offering a selection of training courses, classes & certifications in the near future.

Check back soon for updated information on upcoming training courses for Reiki levels 1,2, and Master.

I will be offering online self paced video courses, live on Zoom classes, and hopefully even in-person training at some point, which will consist of small groups and possibly even 1-on-1 training options.

If you are interested in finding out more and being the first to be notified as soon as a new training event becomes available, please submit your name and email below.

A Reiki master holds no lordly power over his or her students. A Reiki master is simply a person who has chosen to take the next step into mastership by accepting a greater level of responsibility for his or her life.
Paula Horan