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Reiki Energy Healing

Rooted in ancient cultures, Reiki energy healing promotes stress reduction, symptom relief, and relaxation, to improve your overall well-being, health, and vitality.

Young woman during crystal healing session in therapy room

In-Person Reiki

A typical in-person Reiki session involves me visiting you at your home or other location, even outdoors is possible, weather permitting.

Sessions will involve spending time in a relaxed quiet location, preferably laying down, hands-off reiki techniques will be used to scan your body, move your energy, clear out blockages, and promote a healthier flow of energy throughout your entire body.

Starting From $95

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki sessions are very similar to in-person, except they are done via a Zoom video call.

Just like an in-person session it will involve you relaxing in a quiet location, sitting or laying down.

Using the energetic connection that everything in the universe has, I channel Reiki to you remotely, offering the same amazing benefits as an in-person session.

Starting From $30
Attractive young woman having reiki healing treatment , alternative medicine concept.
Man Practicing Reiki Therapy On a Dog

Animal Reiki

These sessions can be done in-person or remotely, involving the creation of a loving and compassionate space to promote healing, relaxation, stress relief, balance, and harmony within the animal.

Within this space the animal receives the universal life force energy that is being channeled through me, allowing the animal to receive the energy healing that they need.

Starting From $55

Space Clearing/Cleansing

Everything in this world is made of energy, science has proven that already, and as such energy can never be destroyed only transformed.

As we move about this world our energies interact with the objects and spaces around us, traces of our energy is left behind and can linger in a space for days, months or even years after, especially when it involves negativity, anger, or worse.

This negativity can build up and over time can turn a space really sour, so much that you can feel the change in mood just by entering a space.

Now this is where a space clearing session comes in.

A Reiki space clearing session involves visiting your space in-person, using Reiki energy channeling techniques, the application of sacred Reiki symbols, the use of sage and other cleansing herbs typically by burning, known as smudging, and even the use of crystals to cleanse the area, so that we can transform that negative stagnant energy into positive loving energy.

The session may also involve suggestions on how to rearrange objects within your space to improve its energy flow and reduce future negative build-up.

Starting From $200
Burning White Sage Smudge Stick for Space Clearing
7 Chakra Locations

Chakra Balancing

Many times throughout our existence our main energy centers can become blocked, limiting or even stopping the flow of energy.

A Chakra balancing session involves using Reiki energy to clear out those blockages from your main Chakras, allowing your body to resume its normal healthy flow of energy.

Starting From $75

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Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another
Albert Einstein